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To limit further delays to DDG and DDG construction, the Navy has authorized its shipbuilder to take parts from DDG —the third and final ship of the class, which is under construction. Just replacing the guns is a good example of how hard it is to justify investing more money into such a small fleet and one that has already been woefully watered down in terms of capabilities time and again over the years.

In fact, just the change in focus from land attack to surface strike will cost a huge sum of money according to the GAO:. Navy officials are in the process of determining the operational concept for the ship within its new mission. The Navy has yet to establish testing plans to evaluate these future mission sets. Time will tell if the Zumwalt class becomes the white elephant many of us have warned it could become or if its tiny cadre of three ships will stay whole and deploy operationally in a reliable manner while also being tasked with experimentation on a grand level.

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But in the meantime, at least they will be helping the Navy turbocharge its efforts to modernize its forces and get a leg up on the growing peer state threats abroad. By Tyler Rogoway May 22, The War Zone. Other major changes from this new organizational structure include: Pairing the Zumwalts with unmanned ships. The first of these vessels will be two Sea Hunter experimental drone ships —one of which has been operating for years and has been incredibly successful—a main reason why the Navy is now betting big on unmanned surface warfare.

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The other will be delivered in The medium and large drone ships the Navy has set out to procure this year will follow those efforts, working with the Zumwalt class ships experimentally to build a list of key recommendations that will drive everything from future procurement to tactics and procedures for the fleet. By , medium and large USVs will begin joining the squadron. This will integrate work they are doing with small USVs, leaving seamless continuity of unmanned surface vehicle experimentation and operation. The unit will not just experiment with unmanned assets and the Zumwalt and Littoral Combat Ships themselves, but all types of new mechanical systems, sensors, communications, tactics, procedures, weapons, and more.

Overall, the unit is seen as an accelerator of sorts to get new ideas and capabilities to the fleet faster. USS Lyndon B. Johnson under construction at Bath Iron Works in Maine.

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Contact the author: Tyler thedrive. Popularized by the film, a bizarre low-budget sequel, and a Syfy channel movie, tales of the Philadelphia Experiment involves covert U.

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Navy operations that led to time travel, teleportation, and mangled flesh. According to urban legends, two separate and completely different Philadelphia Experiments took place. Both, however, involved the same vessel, the USS Eldridge.

At Work, Expertise Is Falling Out of Favor

What happened in each of these alleged experiments, and what evidence is there to support the rumors? Two separate sets of bizarre events make up the "Philadelphia Experiment. In the first experiment, an alleged method of electrical field manipulation allowed the USS Eldridge to be rendered invisible on July 22, in the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard. The second rumored experiment was the teleportation and small-scale time travel with the ship sent a few seconds in the past of the USS Eldridge from the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard to Norfolk, Virginia, on October 28, Horrible tales of mangled seamen and sailors stuck within the metal of the USS Eldridge often accompany this experiment, with the USS Eldrige reappearing seconds later in the waters around Philadelphia.

Recitation of the events surrounding the second Philadelphia Experiment often include a cargo and troop transport vessel, the SS Andrew Furuseth. The lore of the second experiment claims those on board the Andew Furuseth viewed the USS Eldridge and it's crew as they teleported into Norforlk momentarily before the ship returned to the waters of Philadelphia. Prior to the mids, no rumors of bizarre activity surrounded any teleportation or invisibility experiments in North America during the s, let alone in the area surrounding Philadelphia.


Allen claimed to be on the SS Andrew Furuseth during the second experiment, witnessing the USS Eldridge emerge in the waters of Norfolk and quickly disappear into thin air. Carl Allen supplied no proof to verify what he claimed to witness on October 28, He did win the mind of Morris Jessup, who began to champion Allen's view of the Philadelphia Experiment.

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Jessup, however, died four years after his first contact with Allen from an apparent suicide. Moving a ship weighing several thousands tons leaves an inevitable paper trail. The USS Eldridge spent the day of the alleged teleportation experiments, October 28, , safely within a New York harbor, waiting to escort a naval convoy to Casablanca.

And in the early s, the Navy did conduct experiments to make naval vessels "invisible" in the Philadelphia Naval Shipyards, but in a different manner and with a completely different set of desired results.