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This year he is riding for the newly formed British Team Sky, and as one of the veteran riders his job is to give the younger riders the benefit of his long experience. The team has been riding well since early March, and now in April the really tough part of the season takes place.

Michael has ridden both the Tour of Flanders, the Belgian classic race over an exhausting series of short but steep climbs, and the French classic Paris-Roubaix the toughest one day race in the world. The Paris-Roubaix race takes place over narrow cobbled roads, little better than cart tracks through the beet fields and the old coalmining area of Northern France. Michael finished a creditable twenty sixth out of one hundred and ninety three starters, and but for a flat tire in the closing stages of the race he would probably have finished in the top ten.

Only seventy four riders reached Roubaix.

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Michael should be high on the list of candidates to ride. Michael and Dede live in Girona, Spain, with their two young sons who will perhaps get bitten by the bicycle racing bug in the future! The Portage club is already talking about a trip to Europe to cheer on their new club members, and is also hoping that Michael and Dede will be able to visit Portage sometime after the racing season closes. We are indeed honoured to have two such champions to give their support and encouragement to the Portage Junkyard Dogs cycling club, and to serve as an example to the younger riders, that it is possible with hard work, dedication, and good luck to reach the top level of this tough sport.

View All Events. Membership Insurance Clubs Organizers. Upcoming Events. October 20 - November November 23 pm - pm. Jan 18, Yvonne rated it it was amazing Shelves: western-mystery. Walt and all his side-kicks are back in this one and in fine form. The mystery wasn't overly taxing on the brain, but "watching" the good guys solve the ins and outs of the crime was fun. I'm going to be awfully sad when I reach the end of this series, which is fast approaching! View 1 comment. Feb 26, Koeeoaddi rated it really liked it Shelves: american-west , , characters-i-love. Funny and fast paced, with a hilariously trashy family at the center of things and Vic at her creatively profane best.

Most fun of the Longmire books, in my opinion. I needed something light and undemanding to read and I decided to turn to Craig Johnson's Walt Longmire series. It was a fortuitous choice. This sixth book in the series is the best one yet, in my opinion. Johnson is on his game with the dry humor that is the best thing about the series, and the action takes place in Durant so all of those supporting characters that we've come to like so much are there and are doing their thing.

The plot is a somewhat convoluted one with a lot of subplots lurking I needed something light and undemanding to read and I decided to turn to Craig Johnson's Walt Longmire series. The plot is a somewhat convoluted one with a lot of subplots lurking in the background, and much of the action turns on the fact that it is the dead of winter in Wyoming, just around Valentine's Day, and the temperature hardly gets above zero Fahrenheit.

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Moreover, there is snow, snow, and yet more snow. Still, life goes on in its quirky fashion in Durant, beginning with a year-old junkman named Geo Stewart getting accidentally tied to the rear bumper of a Oldsmobile Toronado that his granddaughter-in-law was driving to the store. The explanation of just how that came to happen leads to even more complications and after that the whole thing really begins to spin out of control. In an unrelated incident, Geo ends up dead after an altercation with a neighbor whose mother, a retired school teacher, he was having an affair with.

The neighbor was a real estate developer who wanted to close down the man's junkyard and build more ranchettes on the property. It turns out there is more going on on that junkyard property than just the junkyard. The old man's grandson has "a little 4-H project" growing hydroponically in a tunnel under the junkyard.

Someone had to finance all the state of the art equipment used in that operation and the money sure didn't come from junk!

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So, where did it come from? Meanwhile, a styrofoam cooler with a man's severed thumb tip in it has been found at the junkyard and Walt assigns his deputy Santiago Saizarbitoria, aka Sancho, to find out whose thumb it is and how it came to be there. The only thing is, Walt knows who the thumb belongs to because its owner has been going around town asking if anyone has found it, but the sheriff wants to keep Sancho busy and occupied because he's suffering from PTSD and Walt's afraid he's going to quit.

Walt's best friend, Henry Standing Bear, is living at the jail temporarily because all the pipes are frozen at his place and he has no water; Walt's other deputy and sometime lover, Victoria Moretti, is trying to buy a house; Ruby, the receptionist, is keeping them all straight; and Dorothy at the Busy Bee Cafe is still serving up "the usual" every day. Walt can hardly move without suffering some unlikely injury, including getting bitten in the butt by a wolf-dog, one of the eponymous "junkyard dogs.

Soon, there are more deaths and Walt and his deputies suddenly have plenty to keep them busy, and, along the way, his dog named Dog earns his kibble. This was a thoroughly satisfying read. The incidents depicted are absurd and yet they have a degree of internal logic. And Walt continues to exhibit a kind of Zen-like balance in his approach to life and to policing that is very appealing. It's winter and Sheriff Walt Longmire, head of law enforcement in a small Wyoming town, is tired of the ice and snow. His latest case starts when a couple from the local junkyard inadvertently tow their grandfather behind the family car across the ice for a couple of miles.

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The old man doesn't seem much discommoded by the experience, despite a dislocated shoulder. Next there's the discovery of a severed thumb in a cooler someone's dumped at the junkyard.

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And next. I laughed aloud quite a few times while reading this book -- including the explanation as to quite how Grampus got roped to the back of the car. Some of the novel's humor derives from Longmire's dour but very human outlook on the world, and the one-liners he produces. Then there's his red-hot sidekick Vic, and her highly entertaining, expletive-riddled use of language.

But a lot of the humor is situational -- not, I should stress, in a sitcom manner but more like that in an old Warner Bros. It's the kind of humor of which Carl Hiaasen is a master. I'm stressing the lighter side of the novel, because Johnson cleverly uses it to take quite a lot of the sting out of the book's darker aspects while at the same time bringing them, somehow, closer to home. As we rock with laughter at some of the clowning, we become aware that among those "clowns" may in fact be deeply evil, deeply ruthless people. Having typed that sentence I've just realized how topical the book is, in a way.

Junkyard Dogs is a rapid and thoroughly enjoyable read, with characters for whom it's possible to generate a fair deal of affection. I'll be revisiting Longmire and his crew. May 21, Harry rated it really liked it Shelves: detective-mystery , western-detectives. Update: Junkyard dogs takes a look at the growing tension between Walt and Sancho Every novel it seems has a beast that has it in for Walt; and in this one, we meet Sundance Great stuff F Update: Junkyard dogs takes a look at the growing tension between Walt and Sancho Formerly a police officer; he has also worked as a educator, cowboy and longshoreman.

The Junk Yard Difference

Johnson was also a board member of the Mystery Writers' of America. Craig Johnson as an artist, as a man who paints with words ascribes to the essential characteristic of what makes art different from anything else: only it can portray the world as the artist thinks it ought to be as opposed to how it is.

And where else is one to find it but in the fictional county of Absaroka, Wyoming and it's Sheriff Walt Longmire. As with the work of William Kent Krueger Johnson introduces readers to the Western concept of cowboys and indians. Growing up in the Netherlands, I read till late in the night the wildly popular series Winnetou and Old Shatterhand not available in the States. When playing outside miles away from American soil, it wasn't cops and robbers we played, it was cowboys and indians. It was this image of America I held in my mind as a 12 year old boy standing on the deck of the U.

Rotterdam as we sailed into New York Harbor and waited in the lines of Ellis Island to be granted access to my boyhood dreams. Unlike older western novels, however, Johnson brings this cultural diversity into the 20th century and without delving into multi-culturalism brings us to that mystical nether region between the two where native american and white man meet each other half-way. Johnson's aim is at portraying a fictional world as it should be and this includes diversity.

Henry, a native american is Walt's best friend. The indian community stands ready to aid the law, helps the white man bring justice regardless of race, color or creed. Walt Longmire, in a hallucinatory fit, dances with the Cheyenne spirits who guide him to safety in the midst of a devastating blizzard even though the unconscious man slung over his shoulders is a perpatrator against a Native American woman.

Walt does not question his sanity afterwards. Craig Johnson's world is one we might all long for Too often I read book reviews where the reviewers seem to place verisimilitude above fiction. In my opinion, if you want reality, if you want to read about the way things are, then view a documentary, read a biography, check out reality TV. This is fiction, and if an author changes reality to suit his notion for the book, so be it For some, the first in the series moves along a bit slowly Books that concentrate on rural settings often have the advantage of highlighting the human condition in startling clarity.

Distractions such as are found in urban settings removed, we see good and evil and compassion in a more profound way. Wyoming's Absaroka County gives us this magnifying glass. I found the plot intriguing and the ending second-to-none.