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Kiss Me, Judas First edition. Dewey Decimal.

Book vs. Film: Kiss Me Judas vs. Fractured | LitReactor

Publishers Weekly. Retrieved 30 May Entertainment Weekly. Chicago Tribune. It looks like it was lit and photographed by a blind man and then edited by his seeing-eye dog. The film has no sense of pacing, within scenes or as a whole. It rips off tiny little details from the book, but lacks any of its depth or nuance.

There isn't a single authentic emotional beat in the entire film. It also has awful, incongruous original music. The tender kitchen-counter-sponge-down-dissolve-to-shirt-back-on scene at the 33 minute mark, for example.

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I call the acting porno-grade, but I have to apologize, because that's an insult to porn stars. His delivery is either completely flat, like he is reading off cue cards, or whiny like a bitch. And as we all know, Phineas Poe ain't no bitch. Betty the Jude character , is played by We'll never hear from her again. She has the superficial trappings of Jude-- eye tattoo, red dress, teardrop necklace-- but none of her deadly charisma. There should be demented, co-dependent fireworks between these two characters, but Betty and Val have zero chemistry.

Then there's the Eve character. In Kiss Me Judas , Eve is an 18 year-old goth princess, experienced beyond her years. In Fractured , her character is named Mora, and is played by someone twice that age who has obviously had work done, squeezed into too-tight latex. And you know what? That would be fine, if they were changing the character to an overtly sexual cougar trying to extend her youth, but no, the filmmakers have the audacity to present Mora as 18!

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It just doesn't sell. Her performance is that of someone trying to remember what an 18 year-old acts like, but instead of being cool and detached like Eve is supposed to be, she just comes off as an obnoxious twat. The misinterpretation of Baer's characters is indicative of the overall lack of experience of everyone involved.

But in the interest of being fair and balanced, I suppose I have to mention any redeeming qualities this mess of a film might have.

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So here goes:. I will say this: The animated Orpheus and Eurydice sequence was pretty interesting. On its own, it's easily the most professional-looking part of the film. Of course, it doesn't really fit the tone of the film as a whole. Have Morgan Freeman narrate the thing and release it as a short and you might have something.

Here is where Danuta makes the biggest deviation from the source material. It's like she thought, as long as I change the end no one will noticed I plagiarized everything else. I'm sure Baer fans will hate it, but it's the only example of creative thought in the entire script. Before they get to the hacienda of Luscious Gore I forget what the they call him in the movie , Val freaks out on Betty, she tells him she never actually removed his kidney, and he shoots her in the head. In the context of Fractured , this was so cathartic I cheered.

He then continues on to Gore's, and decides to donate his kidney to the man's dying son. Unfortunately, it's not enough to make up for the preceding 90 minutes of torture. Basically, Danuta Klosowski butchered Kiss Me Judas like Isabel butchered that male prostitute trying to extract his kidney.

Kiss Me Judas

She had no understanding of the tone of the book; she just cut and pasted. Any attempts at "making it her own" completely miss the mark.

I'm looking at you, horrible drug sequence set to playful woodwinds that includes a what-the-fuck banana sharing moment with Rose. Her punishment should be to let people see the film in all its execrable glory.

Phineas Poe - Kiss Me/Judas/ Penny Dreadful/Hell's Half Acre (Paperback)

I wouldn't want her to profit from it, but the exhibition of this embarrassment would be analogous to a public shaming. Put her in the town square for all to laugh at. I doubt anyone would give her money to make another movie after that. As if there was any question after all this , Kiss Me Judas dominates the competition like Mike Tyson in his prime with a little of the ear-biting, face-tattooing Tyson thrown in for good measure.

There is no reason outside of morbid curiosity to see this film.

Phineas Poe: Kiss Me Judas, Penny Dreadful, Hell's Half Acre

If you are some sort of glutton for punishment and absolutely MUST see Fractured , LitReactor is not responsible for any headaches, blurry vision, hysterical blindness, or rectal bleeding. We are also not responsible if Will Christopher Baer shows up at your house and punches you in the face. You have been warned. He has also written for the popular film site Screen Anarchy and for ChuckPalahniuk.

He is the author of 'Kanye West—Reanimator. About this product Product Information "Disgraced cop turned junkie, turned fool for love, turned apocalyptic antihero, Phineas Poe emerges from a psych ward five days before Christmas and tumbles for the beautiful predatory Jude, army sniper turned streetwise assassin, sex artist and organ thief, who cuts him open and leaves him to fate. Reborn in a bath of ice, Phineas tracks Jude from the snowy back alleys of Denver across the scorched Texas desert to the millennial wasteland of San Francisco, descending into a nightmare realm where every act of perversion has a high price tag and willing disciples, a world of sadomasochistic blood theater, murderous fantasy role playing games, and existential snuff films.

Distorting the lines between victim and accomplice, torturer and protector, they myth of Orpheus is deconstructed along a razor's edge as Phineas and Jude chase each other through a hell of their own making. Additional Product Features Number of Volumes. Show More Show Less.