Manual Ice Diving Operations

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Ice Diving Operations Training | Technical Diving Class

Proper education in this overhead diving environment is key to a safe and successful operation. This program focuses on planning and implementing an ice diving operation so your team can safely conduct below ice rescues and recoveries.

This intense, 24 hour training program introduces the techniques of diving beneath the ice and the proper planning of ice operations in rescue and recovery modes. Students participate in operational planning sessions and make multiple dives under the ice.

This training program is also an excellent learning experience for surface-support personnel. Topics include: selecting and using specialized equipment, using underwater communication systems, ice-diving protocols, and special diving techniques. Programs are taught in a classroom, a pool, and at an open water site.

Body cooling with ice for warm-water diving operations.

To reach the goal of a successful surface ice rescue, the victim must be carefully extracted from the ice cold water and brought back to solid ground where EMS personnel can access the patient to administer medical care. These operations involve a great amount of risk to both the rescuer and the victim. The sub-surface ice dive recovery response is triggered as the victim submerges under the water beneath the ice shelf.

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At this point, the victim is no longer able to get a grip on the ice shelf and sinks into the frigid water. This scenario requires the dive unit to devise an ice dive response. An effective search must include both the ceiling and the bottom of the lake or pond. Several factors will determine how to get the diver and the tenders in the best position to locate the victim.


All dive operations should utilize tender-directed diving. We never want to attach a tender line directly to the BCD; the line must always be attached to an appropriate water operation dive harness. With the understanding that the ice shelf is extremely weak, the diver and backup divers must carefully position themselves.

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The backup diver is necessary to provide redundancy that will increase the safety factor and aid in an effective search. Always work with a rescue in mind when you have a viable victim.

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  8. Every aspect of the operation must work in concert in order for a rescue to take place. This can greatly affect search time and may result in a rescue.