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The easiest way is the CD method. It works some times, but not all the time, depending on what version of iTunes you have. This is the most reliable method.

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It's the program method. What this program does is it automatically changes the songs that you select from DRM written to. It's very simple and easy.

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It's called myFairTunes. The following link is where you can download it. The program is very straight foward. You're done!

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Enjoy sharing all the music you'd like, and never have another problem with Apple's greedy DRM lock ups! It's just another one of Apple's scams to rip us off. Music should not be DRMed to begin with.

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  • They reason is, we ARE going to get around it. Funny thing is, THEY don't buy their music off apple. Apple is restricting the wrong crowd. DRM restrictions are set for the wrong reasons. Arrest them, take all of their merchandise, and stick them with a fine. Sooner of later, They'll stop selling because they will have the fear of being arrested. People who are complaining about paying for music are NOT seeing the bigger picture. WE are not the ones who need to be restricted; The blackmarketers are. We still buy our music, atleast most of us , and we are just fed up with the extra time and effort it takes to put music on OUR mp3 players and OUR computers.

    To clarify the many people asking whether or not this is legal here you go: in article 10 of apples terms and agreements it does state that " vii You shall be entitled to export, burn if applicable or copy if applicable Products solely for personal, noncommercial use. Overall, it is not illegal for say, but it is against the wishes of Itunes, yet there is no way for Itunes to find out that you are doing this and if you are as annoyed with apple and itunes as most people are it should not concern you in the least.

    Reply 3 years ago. Reply 10 years ago on Introduction. I made up my own way. Use Handbrake. Open HB, select destination to be Desktop. After Handbrake converts the AAC Protected file to M4v it will appear on your desktop, then simply manually change the file extension to m4a. Now double click to open in iTunes. I used to pirate all my music, then I started buying. Part way through they introduced DRM. I spent months trying to find a way to remove DRM, but now I'm just pirating all my music and going to concerts instead which is how artists make more money.

    Reply 10 years ago on Step 5. When you do this trick the sound gets even worse. Maybe you claim that you can't hear it, but try to burn, import, then burn the imported and import that again a few times over Or just listen to a quality mp3 compared to a CD Reply 10 years ago on Step 2. Digital copies are loseless A key feature is that the EXEBundle performs as a file joiner and helps join various applications and consolidate them into one file. This benefit offered by EXEBundle plays a key role for installers or embedded drivers. This is because it acts as a file splitter for your joined files done using EXEBundle and it is just enough to start only one file.

    The rest of the application files get started automatically in the background from the embedded files. Thus, EXEBundle acts as one source for a file joiner exe binder , protector and compressor, thus making the tasks of its application users easy and highly effective. Bundle your applications in one application.

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