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Two theta values can be calculated for different wavelengths based on commonly used X-Ray anode values.

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In addition, the user can input any value for X-Ray wavelength and the 2 theta angles are calculated for that wavelength. Some important observations: 1.

You can use any combination of D1, D2, D3 and formula. Try increasing the tolerance. This article focuses primarily on what an analyst should know about applying X-ray diffraction XRD residual stress measurement techniques to failure analysis.


Handbook of X-Ray Data

Discussions are extended to the description of ways in which XRD can be applied to the characterization of residual stresses in a component or assembly. The article describes the steps required to calibrate instrumentation and to validate stress measurement results.

It presents a practical approach to sample selection and specimen preparation, measurement location selection, and measurement depth selection, as well as an outline on measurement validation. The article also provides information on stress-corrosion cracking and corrosion fatigue.

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  • Handbook of X-Ray Data - PDF Free Download!
  • Handbook of X-Ray Data - PDF Free Download.
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The importance of residual stress in fatigue is described with examples. The article explains the effects of heat treatment and manufacturing processes on residual stress. It concludes with a section on the XRD stress measurements in multiphase materials and composites and in locations of stress concentration.

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