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On July 18, Exo held a press conference in the morning where they expressed their gratefulness for achieving more than , pre-orders. Chanyeol commented, "I think it's an honor to be making new records throughout our lives. I want to say thank you. On September 6, Exo held a mini fan meeting where they performed "Power" for the first time.

The lead single " Ko Ko Bop " debuted at number one on the Melon Realtime Chart , making them the first K-pop group to enter the chart at the top after chart changes were implemented on February 27, The other album tracks debuted in the top nine.

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Exo also became the first male group to chart at number one on Gaon for four weeks. On September 14, Exo's song " Power " recorded the highest score of all time on M Countdown with 11, points, making Exo one of two artists to achieve a perfect score after the system changes were implemented in June The win also marks their th win on music shows. Prior to its release, The War received a record-breaking pre-order by retail outlets of , physical copies, making it the K-pop album with the highest number of pre-orders at that time.

According to Osen, Exo recorded album sales of approximately 1,, copies in the span of 24 days, making The War the second fastest album in Gaon Chart history to achieve this milestone. Exo thus became quadruple million-sellers for having four albums with over 1,, sales. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Korean Mandarin.


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Chanyeol G. Chen Jo Yoon-kyung. Chanyeol Seo Ji-eum. Main article: List of awards and nominations received by Exo. SM Entertainment Genie Music. Retrieved Sports DongA in Korean. News1 in Korean. The Korea Herald in Korean. Gaon Music Chart. Osen in Korean. Blasting News. July 17—23, September 4—10, July 21, Retrieved October 7, September 8, July 25, September 18, July 31, Archived from the original on July 31, August 7, Archived from the original on August 30, Gaon Chart in Korean. Korea Music Content Industry Association. Retrieved July 27, Retrieved September 14, Gaon Music Chart in Korean.

YinYueTai in Chinese. Retrieved January 4, Retrieved January 20, Retrieved December 11, Hung Medien. I heard screamin' and bullwhips cracking How long?

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How long? See the old folks tied in white ropes Hear the banjo.

Don't it take you down home? But I wasn't there so I don't know for sure. As for Neil Young's reaction to all of this? They don't mention happy times They do their thing, I'll do mine. Little did I realize at the time the symbolism in "Walk On", but years later as On The Beach surfaces and makes its place with other classics, did some of Neil's meanings sink in.

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So were Neil and Skynyrd really friends or foes? More t-shirts at bottom of page It's the Skynyrd shirt that looks like a Jack Daniels whiskey label. Just something else to ponder It seems that whatever grudges Lynyrd Skynyrd had for Neil's music may have been resolved - if there ever was any feud to begin with.

We didn't even think about it - the words just came out that way. We just laughed like hell, and said 'Ain't that funny' We love Neil Young, we love his music We sent them an early demo of it because they wanted to do one of my songs. Interviewer Q. Surprising, that. Young: Oh, they didn't really put me down! But then again, maybe they did!

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Shit, I think Sweet Home Alabama is a great song. I've actually performed it live a couple of times myself. Recalling the concert tribute in an interview with the Boston Globe, Young said: "I just sang 'I hope you all will remember. I thought it was a cool thing. He was right. As for the rumor that Ronnie Van Zant was buried wearing a Neil Young t-shirt, again this seems to be another example of a myth to propogate the tragic legend. Even more bizarre, are the rumors that some Skynyrd fans dug up Ronnie's grave to prove whether Van Zant was buried in a Neil Young T-shirt. Regardless of their motive for desecration of a grave, Van Zant and Gaines remains were relocated to an undisclosed location.

The relocation was prompted by a June 29, break-in at the crypts for Van Zant and Gaines at Jacksonville Memory Gardens in Orange Park, Florida where fans had gathered to pay tribute to the band. But in the tradition of Merle Haggard writin' Okie from Muskogee to tell his dad's point of view about the hippies in Vietnam, Ronnie felt that the other side of the story should be told. And legend has it that he was an honorary pall bearer at Ronnie's funeral - such is the Duality of the Southern Thing.

There are only 2 dates from where Neil was scheduled to play in the state of Alabama. Neither show has a known setlist and it is unclear whether Neil has actually ever performed in the state of Alabama. And while his tours through the south have been limited, this is most likely an economic decision rather than a deliberate avoidance. The reaction of the audience was always the same: vigorous, fervent, and instantaneous. Neil Young's song "Southern Man" had offended many Southerners by seeming to accuse all people born in the south of being intolerant racists.

Young's observations were obviously generalized and not accurate and Southerners were ecstatic when Skynyrd defended their honor by releasing "Sweet Home Alabama" with its direct references to Young's faux pas. The idea that the Southern man, or woman, didn't need Neil Young around to point out the problems of their society was overwhelmingly supported by Skynyrd fans. The band felt that Young's lyrical content was representative of the shortsighted "Yankee" belief that all Southern men should be held accountable for the verbalizations and actions of a racist minority. While the rebuttal was heartfelt, Skynyrd held Neil Young in high regard for his musical achievementts and they weren't intending to start a feud of any kind.

Ed said he'd dig it; he'd be laughing at it. The song was well received but immediately put a stigma on the band as rednecks. Producer Al Kooper added. But I'll tell you something -- Neil Young loved it. That's true, he told me so to my face. Particularly troubling was the Confederate flag that often hung behind the stage. It was bad enough to be portrayed as ignorant hayseeds.

It was entirely another to be categorized as racist. Young got the joke, however, responding by telegram and by letter to say he was proud to be the subject of Skynyrd's Southern anthem. Old Curt was a black man with white curly hair When he had a fifth of wine he did not have a care He used to own an old dobro, used to play it across his knee I'd give old Curt my money, he'd play all day for me chorus Play me a song Curtis Loew, Curtis Loew Complete lyrics for "The Ballad of Curtis Loew" here. The song "Southern Man" was at the center of an unfortunate event on the tour and has been recounted by Neil in concert.

The incident ocurred on March 31, in Oakland, CA.