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They would hold me, hug me, say all the right things. You're special, Lindsay.

Women's Murder Club

Everybody loves you, Lindsay. Only I'm pretty sure that I'd be back out here tomorrow night, or the night after. I just don't see a way out of this mess. I have thought it all through a hundred times. I can be as logical as hell, but I am also highly emotional, obviously. That was my strength as an inspector with the San Francisco Police Department. It is a rare combination, and I think it is why I was more successful than any of the males in Homicide.

Of course, none of them are up here getting ready to blow their brains out with their own guns.

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I lightly brush the barrel of the revolver down my cheek and then up to my temple again. Oh God, oh God, oh God. I am reminded of soft hands, of Chris, and that starts me crying. Lots of images are coming way too fast for me to handle. The terrible, indelible honeymoon murders that terrified our city, mixed with close-ups of my mom and even a few flashes of my father.

My best girls — Claire, Cindy, and Jill — our crazy club. I can even see myself, the way I used to be, anyway. Nobody ever, ever thought that I looked like an inspector, the only woman homicide inspector in the entire SFPD. I was married once. I was no Helen Hunt; he sure was no Paul Reiser. This is so hard, so bad, so wrong. It's so unlike me. I see that horrifying hotel room, where they died senselessly and needlessly. That was the beginning.

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Everything was perfect. There might be a luckier man somewhere on the planet, David Brandt thought as he wrapped his arms around Melanie, his new bride. Somewhere in Yemen, maybe — some Allah-praising farmer with a second goat. But certainly not in all of San Francisco. The couple looked out from the living room of the Grand Hyatt's Mandarin Suite. They could see the lights of Berkeley off in the distance, Alcatraz, the graceful outline of the lit-up Golden Gate Bridge.

Only moments before, they had bid farewell to the last of the three hundred guests in the hotel's ballroom. The wedding was finally over. The toasts, the dancing, the schmoozing, the photographed kisses over the cake. Now it was just the two of them. They were twenty-nine years old and had the rest of their lives ahead of them.

David reached for a pair of filled champagne glasses he had set on a lacquered table. I'll tell you later.

1st to Die (Women's Murder Club #1)

He had already given her the perfect five-carat diamond on her finger, which he knew she wore only to please his folks. He went to his tuxedo jacket, which was draped over a high-backed chair, and returned with a jewelry box from Bulgari. Inside a suede pouch was a set of earrings, large silver rings around a pair of whimsical moons made from diamonds. Melanie held the moons against the lobes of her ears. They were perfect, and so was she. They kissed, and he unfastened the zipper of her dress, letting the neckline fall just below her shoulders.

He kissed her neck. Then the tops of her breasts. There was a knock on the door of the suite. For a moment, David thought of just yelling, 'Leave it there! An explosion rocks a sleepy San Francisco street and an unknown woman flees the scene with an infant, leaving three dead bodies in her wake. As more murders and a string of bizarre messages begin to surface, Lindsay must figure out how this all connects—while mourning the loss of a beloved friend.

After a high-speed chase with some teenagers ends in fatalities, Lindsay finds herself on trial for police brutality.

Just as patients at the San Francisco Municipal Hospital are about to be discharged with a clean bill of health, they find themselves gasping for air and—moments later—dead. Is it the result of hospital negligence or something more sinister? Meanwhile, Lindsay works furiously to track down a serial kidnapper, hoping that she can bring the missing children home safely. As time passes, he becomes increasingly creepy, even going so far as to claim information about a famous cold case.

Is he messing with her? Is he the killer? And can Lindsay figure it out before another friend gets hurt?

Cindy comes across the freshly murdered body of a preacher but no one, not even the SFPD, wants to solve the case once a string of high-profile murders happens. Just as Lindsay thinks she can enjoy her much-anticipated marriage to Joe, vicious crimes and professional disputes threaten her marital bliss and friendship.

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First, she is tasked with solving the crime of a badly injured teenage girl and her missing child. Then, she comes into conflict with Yuki when she thinks the woman Yuki is trying to prosecute is innocent. Finally, her new boss is making life even more stressful. Millionaire Chaz Smith is gunned down—by the same weapon that took the lives of four famous local criminals. Or cold-blooded betrayal?

She finds herself pulled between two worlds and relying on her friends more than ever. More than ever, she has to lean on Cindy, Claire, and Yuki to solve this mystery. As Lindsay and her beau Joe try to get their life back together, a cunning criminal works to undermine her credibility.

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The question is: will they get the perpetrators behind bars before or after she loses her life? In The 17th Suspect , Cindy comes across the freshly murdered body of a preacher but no one, not even the SFPD, wants to solve the case once a string of high-profile murders happens. Personally, I recommend reading the Women's Murder Club series right from the beginning with 1st to Die.

I love seeing how the women first meet, and their first case is a doozy though re-reading Jill is bittersweet.